July – September 1959

22nd July 1959: Justice Lloyd-Jacob’s direction for Pye to make available for inspection their books and documents relating to his judgement of their infringement of Marie’s patent. (One Year after the Judge ordered Pye to reveal their books!)


29th July: During the hearing in the Brighton County Court Marie’s counsel pointed out to the Registrar that Mrs Killick had a judgement in her favour and that she would get damages as a result of the judgement. The Registrar stated. “That is an empty judgement”!


31st July: Mrs Killick to attend the Office of the Official Receiver on 6th August at his office. This was all accomplished in just 7 months from the writ being issued against Marie by Mrs Thomas.


28th August: Notice to Marie to attend her first meeting of her creditors on 8th September 1959 at 11.am. “Further notice that if you fail to comply with the requirements of this notice you will be in contempt of Court and may be punished accordingly.”


September 1959: Marie was still battling on trying to prevent the Official Receiver from settling her damage claim for a derisory amount (£4,330). She flew to Paris to negotiate with the Banque de Paris for a loan of £25,000 on security of a ¼ share in her British Patent, when she received a summons to return to Britain to attend the Creditors Meeting on the 8th. Marie returned with a draft agreement and requested of the Official Receiver that she be given a few more days to conclude the deal and settle her debts in full and take back control of her damage claim and re-start manufacture of Sapphox. He omitted to tell the creditors of the agreement and recommended that Marie be declared a bankrupt.  Negotiations with the Banque de Paris came to an end.


Marie started proceedings in the courts to prevent the Official Receiver from settling with Pye.


Mr Yelland, the Assistant Official Receiver informed Marie at a meeting that she had not been adjudicated Bankrupt and he would approve any negotiations for the sale of assets, which would enable her to clear her debts.


Why then did the Official Receiver refuse to give her time to return to Paris to conclude the deal involving her British patent?


11th September: The Official Receiver Mr Parker writes to Marie to inform her that as she has now been adjudicated bankrupt that he has a duty to take possession of and protect the assets which now vest in him. He requests all Marie’s books, accounts and any documents that relate to her claim against Pye Ltd to substantiate the claims against Pye.


28th September: A Trustee in Bankruptcy is appointed Mr Bradley-Hole. He informs Marie that she is at liberty to negotiate the sale of the British  Patent until the final stages, when the details must be submitted to him to deal with final negotiations. He writes to the Westminster Bank to this end.