January – March 1959

11th January 1959: Telegram to Justice Lloyd-Jacob regarding the blockage Marie is experiencing in pursuing the assessment of her damage claim against Pye. She has tried four solicitors who all believe that the matter is to complex for them. She is also experiencing anonymous phone calls (see documents).


31st January: Mr Walker, (her junior council during the infringement case) also refuses to act in the assessment of damages, claiming it is a separate matter from proving infringement. He shares the same chambers as Mr Johnson, Pye’s leading council during the court hearings.


Note: Solicitors after talking to Mr Dicks decides not to take the case because Mr Dicks questions the amount of damages due to Marie!


12th February: Marie finally finds a solicitor prepared to take on the damage enquiry against Pye.


21st February: Bankruptcy notice served on Marie. Marie denied that she owed Mrs Thomas (petitioner) the debt.


24th February: Musical Trade deny knowledge of Marie’s Sapphox or Pye’s Dual Purpose stylus when enquires are made by potential backers for manufacture of Sapphox. Potential backers withdraw from negotiations.


18th March: Bankruptcy Notice issued 8 months after the judgement upheld against Pye in Marie’s favour in Court of Appeal. Marie still trying to have the judgement in Mrs Thomas’s favour for debt set aside.