April – June 1959

11th April 1959: Letter from Mr Dicks to Pye’s solicitors re: Heads of Damage. Why is Mr Dicks still involved 5 months after resigning from the case?


17th April: Summons to have the judgement of Mrs Thomas set aside. Marie contends the debt was to Mr Thomas supported by agreement she holds in letter form.


21st May: Registrar dismissed Marie’s application to have judgement in Mrs Thomas’s favour dismissed. “In view of her considerable liabilities that it is in Mrs Killick’s and her creditors’ best interest that she be made bankrupt – but that is a matter for the plaintiff (Mrs Thomas) to decide”. What prompted this remark – what evidence did he have for this statement, was it simply a rumour, that the damages would not amount to much? WAS HE INTERFERING WITH A  HIGHER COURTS JUDGEMENT THAT A INQUIRY INTO DAMAGES SHOULD TAKE PLACE?


25th May: Creditors Petition filed for Bankruptcy to be heard in Brighton County Court


26th May: Receiving Order made against Mrs M.L.Killick on the Petition of Mrs L.M.Thomas filed on 26th May 1959. That an act of Bankruptcy has been committed.


29th May: Opinion of Marie’s council. “if you are made bankrupt I think you will find it extremely difficult in carrying on these proceedings”. (Inquiry into Damages due her from Pye) “as your affairs will then be controlled by a trustee in bankruptcy”. Pye later bought a debt to give them a say in her bankruptcy and settlement of her damage claim!