13th February 1951: Pye objects to the restoration of the British Patent on the grounds that failure to pay the renewal fees was not unintentional and that there was undue delay in the making of the application.


They also so stated that since the date of the Patent’s lapse “They had commenced the manufacture of a sapphire stylus to which the patent relates. They also stated “It was only when she learned that the opponents were making sapphire styli that the patentee wished that the patent had been renewed.


17th September: Marie’s solicitor writes to Pye requesting the number of styli manufactured between October 1949 and November 1951, and then outside the period of the lapsed patent. Also how many styli exhibited in Exhibition in Earl’s Court. They also want to know the number of styli made to Marie’s design they have in stock. They also request Pye’s manufacturing drawing.